We are human and we do mistakes. Some mistakes happen to us and some are happen from our elders, boss, teachers, friends, family members, mates, etc. We have many things to know that this is going wrong but we cannot stop them and they not correct them.  In today’s article I am going to give you 5 best and practical ways to correct others politely without hurting.

Listen to the whole thing of others, if you find any mistake somewhere, start with something positive

See when we are listening to someone we knows that the person who speaking has a bit knowledge of what he speaking. Listen to them and if we find some mistakes anywhere, don’t interrupt at that moment. First let him/her speak. After that you can join or modify what he done wrong or start with something positive and relate the things what you speaking.

Relate the things with an example for best results

If you have to prove something the best way is to relate the things with practical example. It is the common and best method without any understanding complication. Try to calculate what is wrong and add up the things and tell that in positive way relating to an example. By doing this, people will understand you better. Don’t argue with anyone about any mistake. Let them complete first then add up the things. Don’t cross check at that time.

If you are in group discussion or in some debate, try to avoid sounding authoritative

You are doing job, or in college you might participate in program, fest. You should have to deliver a speech or presentation. If anyone mistaken or say something wrong don’t try to humiliate them. You should move with your group correcting the mistakes. Considering mistakes, it is okay. No one is perfect. Try to figure out and say the things by raising up your hands, or add up the things at last.

Best way to correct is utilize some questions or ask about your query

These are things which you can do to correct. Questioning makes a person more attentive. Try to ask questions which is based on practical things. When you ask these type of question the auto correction rule applied automatically. Try to ask don’t hesitate, don’t interrupt.

Providing evidence and offer help

In case of your teacher, boss. You can simply correct by offering help. May I help you? You can correct themselves by only questioning or ask about your query. Teacher might catch up your words and the things get changed and corrected. It will help you to increase your learning attitude.

Use gentle, helpful tone with a gentle smile on your face

Don’t say it in very louder voice. You correct by simply pointing the mistake and deliver your statement in question. The scenario gets changed. People response to your question and pay attention what you are saying. Try to implement correcting habits in your daily life. don’t hesitate to correct others because if you do not correct the mistake, then a small mistake can be a very big mistake so far. Use gentle tone with average pitch of your voice and say it with full confidence.