Top best and common questions asked in the job interview.

Do you facing difficulties in job interview or want to clear interview in first attempt?

Everyone in this world want to live a joyful and healthy life. People need money to run their livelihood. Job is the best way to earn money. If a person need job there are some round which he should have to face and clear. Interview is the toughest and most important for getting job. Personal interviews are generally used by all employers and companies for selecting their staff. Interview proves important because it connects both employers as well as job seekers. Here are the best and most asked questions in interview.

  1. Can you tell me little about yourself?

First question and very common question asked in interview is tell me about yourself. Remember this is the time where you can create your first good impression. Start your introduction with bit smile and tell yourself in interesting way and use body language. Your introduction should cover basic things like name, family background, if you have already done a job somewhere then tell it, your marks in 10th, 12th and cover college academics. This is the basic introduction. If HR wants to hear more about you then tell your hobbies, your achievements, your interest, etc. your introduction should be approximately 1-2 minutes. Remember don’t tell very fast and don’t slow. Speak in average speed with little loud voice and make proper eye contact.

  1. Why should we hire you and why do you want this job?

Are you best candidate for the job? Be prepare to say why. Make your response confident and genuine so that you can easily impress interviewers. Relate your answer with your experience in which you have done something good. Tell why you want this job. You can cover your answer by including these things like I have known this company for a long time, many of my family members are also working in it. I am very much inspired with the achievement of this company. No I am too want to work in this company and take the company to different level.

  1. What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?

Another typical question interviewers will ask about your strength and weakness. It is very important for the company or organization to know what your capabilities are. Say truly your strengths.

When it comes to weakness tell something which will be beneficial for company like don’t tell you are lazy if you are a lazy person. It would create wrong impact about yourself. You can say you are over responsible. This is the way you can manipulate yourself as well as your answers.

  1. What are your salary expectations and what is your dream job?

Your answer should relate to your work. Don’t tell over price. It can knock out from your content and harmful for you. Give your answer in realistic way. Tell your dream job which related the position of the company and match the things with company.

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Don’t try to get off the content and what you spoke earlier. Stick with the content and company. Don’t go far from the company. Tell yourself with company at next level with company and achieve and makes profit to company. Interviewers will also ask technical questions in which stream you are belongs with. HR can ask anything but these are the basic and important questions which can create the good impression and make chances to get the job.