3 BEST WAYS TO PLAN YOUR DAY EFFECTIVELY : – Everyone in this world is born to do something. Most of them make a routine how to manage a day. Here today I am giving you the best three method to plan your day effectively which will be more beneficial and more productive. If you want to achieve really good in your life then you should make a routine first and make yourself or go through that routine in best manner as much as you can.

  • Very important, plan out your day the night before!

If you really looking for a good plan which would make your day effectively, then the best method is before sleep plan out your next day. What it would be. Make a small calendar or buy a calendar and keep it in your table and have a marker with you to mark your goals. Your goals also plays a very important role in your life as well as in your daily routine. If you maintain a calendar and maintain it and go it through properly, this is where the magic really comes in. make sure in one week at least one day is your fun day which entertain you and you feel fun and joy. Entertainment is very important in your life. Go and chill with your friends. The memories you create is awesome.

  • Choose your ideal day which would actually look like for you

Now here the main terms comes. You should find out which day suits you more. Target two days in a week in which you will work more than other day and complete more things as compare to another.

Your ideal day can be on Sunday ,Monday anything. Choose your study place wisely and make sure you make out that time useful. Try to motivate and inspire yourself so that you can focus your plan properly. Your ideal day consist of some basic things like.

  • Your work
  • Some basic exercise
  • Meditation


  • Identify tasks identify time

This is the last and very important method. Most of the people have time but they don’t know how to utilize. First prioritize your schedule. Make list of does and don’t. if you came out of it then you analyze what the important things you really keep in your mind and have to focus on that. Second identify your time and tasks what things you want to cover in a single day. Fix a target, make a chart and stick on wall in front of your study table. It will able to recall you more faster when you see that chart.

Take a good balanced diet and take meal properly. Take a good sleep at night and have a short nap in afternoon. If you do these things properly surely you will change and achieve many more things in your life. Implement these things just for 10 days and see what is the change. Your friends and your family members will tell you when you apply these things, they will surprise and encourage.  The feel of joy and fun you feel at that time can’t or won’t be explain in words. So what are you looking for?