5 easy tips to avoid sleep while studying


5 easy and proven tips, how to avoid sleep while studying 

Well guys in today’s world the very good thing which you have is sleeping. Students are mainly used to study. Sleep is the main enemy of students while studying. I am giving you some tips by which you can avoid your sleep while studying.

Sit in straight position

This is the first and most important thing which you should apply in your daily life. Sit in right and straight posture is very big problem of students. They generally used to sleep or sit on sofa’s or a moving chair, etc while studying. Avoid these things. Sitting in straight gives you more concentration and you can focus on your studies too in a proper manner. You could not use any kind of comfortable mattress. So keep it in your mind first, that you body should be straight while you study. It gives you more concentration and increase your memory power as well.

Avoid studying difficult topics at night

Now this is the key point. In night when you came to study your brain will not retain many things initially. It will take time to concentrate. I am recommend you to start your study with easy topics which have a little bit knowledge of it. By doing this you can take interest in it and your brain also able to catch the things faster. Now when you are fully on mood to study then you can switch to difficult topics. So, first start with small and easy topics. By doing this you can gain more and you can also understand well.

Take a nap in the afternoon

This point is for those who generally used to study at night. If you want to study at night or late night you can take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon to fresh your mood. It would be very helpful for you at night. If you take a good nap in afternoon you can read at the night for the long time.

Start implementing these things from day because never tomorrow comes. If you do such kind of things you will become a healthy man with powerful brain.

Study in group to avoid sleep

Group study is the best study. Studying with group is superb. Nothing can replace it. In group study 90% of your doubts get clear. The conversations you made while you study is memorable and you can understand well. Your all kinds of query will be solved in group study. If you study in group the good resources you have, you the solutions of your query and the most important you cannot afford sleep at that time. Focus on your goals which you have to achieve it.

Take a cold shower

Shower is the thing which can refresh your mind and your mind get peaceful and ready to learn more things because of freshness. Taking shower is the best thing when you are not in mood on study. It will help you to study more. When you take a shower the freshness, the open mind will gain many things. Try to take shower when you get tired or not you feel lazy. It will help you to tread and study more and you can gain more knowledge with full concentration.

Now let’s get summarize the points for better results.

Key points which you should keep it in your mind : –


  • Your body posture should be straight.
  • Avoid lying position strictly
  • Don’t use comfortable mattress while studying
  • Take a light meal before study
  • Take a shower when you are tired
  • Lighten up your room while study
  • Read louder wherever possible