Scored less marks in exams, friends making fun of you , don’t know how to study, how to score good marks? Everything I am going to tell in this article so keep reading.

The best way is to look for a pattern behind your mistakes. If you are not able to calculate or find your mistakes how could you get out of it? You should know what are the mistakes you have done. If you calculate your mistakes, if you find your mistakes your first step is already clear because you are knowing that these are the mistakes I have done so I don’t have to repeat it again at all.

Maintain  a separate copy and mention does and don’t .

If you do so you know that these are the mistakes so I don’t have to repeat. Now whatever you do goes in positive way and it will help you. It is the best resource from which you can easily achieve success.

Create your own study plan

Most of you are very familiar with this concept but many of you are not follow at all. This is just because of laziness. Create your study plan according to you. You should what are the important things which I have to focus. Mention that topic in your notebook and move forward. By doing this you are able to know about the whole chapter what is important in it. If you read chapter you can easily understand what is important.

Learn information in variety of ways or resource reconnaissance

Try to gather all the information about that topic. Don’t learn all the topic just understand the topic and make keywords of it. It will help you to make your sentence more powerful and you can represent your statement in best possible manner.

Get in real and positive mindset

It doesn’t mean that you are not studying and you think that all good will happen. No this is totally different. You should know the coming pattern and study according to them.

Study multiple books

This is also the important one that you should have focus on multiple things. If you are studying or focusing on one thing then your other subjects get affected. You should have the resources that can help you to achieve more good marks.

Review information

This is the second last step. Review information is very important because if you review you should understand what you studied. Is it working or not. By reviewing you can judge yourself and stay away from discouraging distractions and be in touch of encouraging attractions.

Rewrite your own notes

This is very important what you studied frame it on a notebook. It will very much helpful in your exams. By doing written work you can save you time in exams and write your answers also in beautiful way. If you are on peak time that you don’t have enough  time to right he notes what you studied then you can speak. Get in contact with your friends and convey the answer what you read. It will become more powerful and you will never forget after that. Atleast speak once what you have read. It will really work in your exams and definitely you will achieve very good marks in your exams.

Let’s summarize  all the seven points to study effectively in less time.


  • Create your own study plan
  • Resources and learn information
  • Get in real and positive mindset
  • Maintain a copy with does and don’ts
  • Study multiple book in a day
  • Review and memorize what you studied
  • Rewrite your notes in your own language